Jeff Wall: Tableaux, Pictures, Photographs, 1996-2013 at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Exhibitions / Amsterdam
01 March 2014 - 03 August, 10am - 6pm (Thurs. 10am - 10pm)

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Museumplein 10, 1071 DJ
+31 (0)20 573 2911
€: 15 (museum entrance)

The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam hosts its first photography exhibition since re-opening in 2012 with Jeff Wall: Tableaux, Pictures, Photographs, 1996-2013.

About Jeff Wall

Jeff Wall (b. Vancouver, 1946) is considered to be one of contemporary photography's leading artists. Beginning in the 1980s, Wall rose to international acclaim by producing colour transparencies lit by fluorescent light strips and presented in light-boxes. These large-scale photographs were typically a medium used by advertising agencies of the time.

By re-appropriating the form of production, Wall's photographs became his chosen platform to showcase his figurative representations and images of street scenes, landscapes and cityscapes.

Common themes in Wall's images are relationships between men and women, the boundaries between nature and the urban landscape, commentaries on social violence and cultural differences, and the creation of suspense through a dramatic mixing of realism with simulacra.

jeff wall boxing
Jeff Wall, Boxing, 2011

Jeff Wall Amsterdam
Jeff Wall, Boy Falls From Tree, 2010

Thumbphoto Jeff Wall, Overpass, 2001
All Photos courtesy of the artist

Jeff Wall: Tableaux, Pictures, Photographs 1996-2013

Jeff Wall: Tableaux, Pictures, Photographs, 1996–2013 seeks to examine the later work of Wall, specifically since the year 1996 when he first began producing black and white prints. 

Viewing photographs as an independent and autonomous medium, Wall works to create expressive scenes by borrowing techniques from cinema, painting and theatre.

Through these "staged" and "un-staged" scenes, Wall attempts to deconstruct ideas and assumed social norms, including those to be found in his own work. 

The exhibition will feature over 40 of Wall's photographs and Summer Afternoons (2013), a never-before-seen diptych.

Recognising his reputation as an "artist's artist," curator Hripsimé Visser hopes that this exhibition will broaden public awareness and respect for Wall's work.


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