The Gijs+Emmy Spectacle at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Exhibitions / Amsterdam
22 February 2014 - 24 August, 10am - 6pm (Thurs. 10am - 10pm)

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Museumplein 10, 1071 DJ
+31 (0)20 573 2911
€: 15 (museum entrance)

The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam is hosting a retrospective of the cutting-edge clothing and jewellery of Dutch fashion designers Gijs Bakker (1942) and Emmy van Leersum (1930-1984) during the exhibition The Gijs+Emmy Spectacle, Fashion and Jewellery design by Gijs Bakker and Emmy van Leersum 1967-1972.

About Gijs and Emmy

Both trained jewellery designers, Bakker and Van Leersum achieved fame in the late 1960s by creating fashion designs that integrated avant-garde looks and the ideas of wearable art. 

Through two one-off events and the numerous exhibitions that followed, Gijs and Emmy attained international recognition in the area of experimental jewellery and truly ignited a revolution in the design world. 

Their notable looks involved using jewellery to make bold statements reflecting the deeper personality of the wearer: self-assured, radically progressive and liberated. 

Gijs and Emmy's live fashion shows made brazen jewellery the centre of attention and featured futuristic garments, electronic music and rhythmical movements by the models that put them at the forefront of youth culture.

gijs emmy spectacle
Photo by Matthijs Schrofer

gijs emmy spectacle amsterdam
Photo by Rien Bazen (courtesy Gijs Bakker)

gijs emmy spectacle stedelijk
Photo by Matthijs Schrofer
Thumb photo by Matthijs Schrofer

The Gijs+Emmy Spectacle

For the retrospective, curator Marjan Boot has revived the looks of the duo's breakthrough fashion show Edelsmeden 3 that originally took place at the Stedelijk Musuem in 1967, the happening at gallery Art & Project in 1970 and their dance production Mutations

Although there is no video of the fashion show, Boot was able to re-create seven outfits on a catwalk through conversations with attendees, reviews of the show and interviews with models and organisers. 

In addition to the catwalk, the exhibition includes a reflective display on the role of photography and the media featuring works by, amongst others, Matthijs Schroferand and Sjaak Ramakers. 

Completing the exhibition are the designs that Gijs and Emmy showcased during their international Objects to Wear tour and a number of privately commissioned costumes and jewellery. 


The exhibition will be accompanied by a publication and documentary as part of the Design Stories series.
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