'Father, Can't You See I'm Burning?' at de Appel

Exhibitions / Amsterdam
27 April 2014 - 15 June, 12pm-8pm (Tues-Sat) | 12pm-6pm (Sun)

de Appel arts centre, Prins Hendrikkade 142, 1011 AT
+31 (0)20 625 5651
€: 7

Opening in April, the project Father, Can't You See I'm Burning 1 is the result of de Appel's Curatorial Programme and provides a metaphoric contemplation on the nature of artistic institutions and infrastructures by asking: "What if the art institution went up in flames?"

Father, Can't You See I'm Burning?

The premise of the exhibition is an event that occurred in 1959 at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

When avant-garde movement the Situationist International proposed to create a literal labyrinth at the Stedelijk, they were informed that they would only be able to create such an exhibition if they consulted the fire brigade and found additional funding for the necessary safety measures. 

In opposition to this restraint, the Situationists retracted their proposal.

Using this event as an entry point, the young curators at de Appel have used the symbolic threat of fire to examine the climate of uncertainty and restraints in which contemporary artists must work.

In other words, how do these metaphoric "fires" affect the nature of artistic practice and production?

Framing the role of the curator as the opposition to that of the symbolic "fire brigades," the participants of the Curatorial Programme have opened de Appel arts centre for artists to speculate and intervene in the material fabric and working mechanisms of the institution through the visual arts, spoken word performances, a show and an accompanying publication. 


father cant you see im burning de appel
Robertas Narkus, Turbulence 3, 2014, performance and installation.

father cant you see im burning de appel
The Cosmos Meditation Centre Amsterdam Holland, Séance. photographer: Hugo Barge

Thumb photo: Sarah van Lamsweerde, 80 Words, 2012, performance. Photo Jan-Peter van Popta.

father cant you see

About de Appel Curatorial Programme

Started in 1994, the Curatorial Programme of de Appel offers young curators the chance to develop their professional and artistic experience by creating an entire exhibition from beginning to end.

For Father Can't You See I'm Burning, the six participants are: Renata Cervetto, Kris Dittel, Lara Khaldi, Emma Panza, Aneta Rostkowska and Kate Strain.

Participating Artists

Marinus Boezem
Justin Gosker
Jan Hoeft
Krõõt Juurak
Sarah van Lamsweerde
Ieva Misevičiūtė
Robertas Narkus
Michael Portnoy
Jan Rothuizen
Reinaart Vanhoe
Young Hae Chang Heavy Industries
Katarina Zdjelar


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