Converted, Becoming Muslim - Being Muslim

Exhibitions / Amsterdam
11 April 2014 - 27 July, 10am - 5pm

Amsterdam Museum, Kalverstraat 92 1001 AC
+31 (0)20 523 1822
€: 11

From April 11 until July 27, the Amsterdam Museum will present the very special exhibition Converted, Becoming Muslim - Being Muslim (Bekeerd, Moslim Worden - Moslim Zijn), which is based on the anthropological research of Vanessa Vroon-Najem. 

About the exhibition

From 2006 until 2011, Vanessa Vroon-Najem conducted research for her PhD about women who chose to convert to Islam in the Amsterdam region. 

Not only addressing the spiritual process, the exhibition assists the viewer in understanding the practical aspects of becoming a Muslim in a society where Islam has begun to carry negative associations. 

Through the work of Vroon-Najem, the visitor will learn more about the experience of converted men and women in the Netherlands and how they negotiate their new identity in their socio-cultural landscape. 

A section of the exhibition will also display the work of photographer Saskia Aukema who has created the photo-essay Bekeerd (Converted) to visually tell the story of those who have converted.

bekeerd amsterdam museum
Photos by Saskia Aukema

bekeerd amsterdam museum

The exhibition takes place as part of the larger programme The Faithful City (De Gelovige Stad) at the Amsterdam Museum.

The overarching goal of the theme is to create a platform which explores the diversity of religions, beliefs and rituals that compose Amsterdam's spiritual identity. 


Sections of the exhibition are in Dutch.
Vroon-Najem and Aukema will release a book later this year.
Learn more about the Amsterdam Museum here

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