Youth Orchestra MIAGI at Concertgebouw

Concerts / Amsterdam
17 July 2014, 8pm - 10.20pm

Royal Concertgebouw, Concertgebouwplein 10, 1071 LN
+31 (0)20 573 0573
€: 35

The talented "Music Is A Great Investment" (MIAGI) South African Youth Orchestra will be playing selections at the Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam as part of their 2014 European tour!

MIAGI: Breaking borders through music

The MIAGI orchestra was founded as a way to make music education available to a diverse group of South African youth with a special focus on poor and disadvantaged areas. 

Understanding that culture is an essentiall part to the well-being of children, the MIAGI youth orchestra works to encourage the collaboration between individuals from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities through music.

Working with UNESCO, the orchestra plays a mix of music reflecting various cultures including classical, jazz and indigenous. 

In 2014, the group embarks on their Celebrating 20 Years of Freedom in South Africa tour to mark the end of apartheid in 1994.


To purchase tickets, visit their website.

Miagi Youth Orchestra Amsterdam

MIAGI at the Concertgebouw

As part of the Robeco Summer Nights programme, the Concertgebouw has arranged for the MIAGI orchestra to play in Amsterdam as a stop on their European tour. 

An absolutely classic location, the orchestra will play a mixed selection of pieces including those by Tsotetsi, Shostakovich and Dyer.

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