The Dutch National Opera presents Kopernikus

Concerts / Amsterdam
April 15-19 2014, 8pm

Boekmanzaal, Het Muziektheater, Waterlooplein 22, 1011 PG
+31 (0)20 551 8117
€: 20

The Dutch National Opera (DNO) has teamed up with VOCALLAB, the Dutch Orchestra and Ensemble Academy and the Master Tailor Institute to present a staged production of Claude Vivier's Kopernikus this April.

About Kopernikus

The story of Kopernikus focuses on Agni, named after a Hindu deity, being invited to remain without fear in the afterlife. 

There, he meets a series of characters including Lewis Carroll, Merlin, a witch, Queen of the Night, a blind prophet, Tristan, Isolde, an elderly monk, Copernicus and his own mother. 

The very nature of imagination, fantasy and the borders between dream and reality are questioned through these interactions, by pondering the existence and nature of life after death. 

A highly personal piece written in 1980, Claude Vivier's work takes the cosmos as a symbol for the afterlife and is meant to convey a feeling that death is not something we should fear.

The set features an elaborate design, with large balloons mimicking the cosmos and costumes created by young up-and-comers working with the DNO.

kopernikus dutch national opera

romain bischoff conductor
Conductor Romain Bischoff
Photo by Ben van Duin

The opera is led by conductor Romain Bischoff, directed by Marcel Sijm and choreographed by Miguel Angel Gaspar.


The performances will take place April 15, 16, 18, & 19.
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