World Pillow Fight Day in Amsterdam 2014

Clubbing / Amsterdam
05 April 2014, 3pm - 5pm

Dam Square
€: Free

After a string of successful editions since 2008, the World Pillow Fight Day will again be taking place on Dam Square in Amsterdam!

World Pillow Fight Day 2014

On April 5, Dam Square in Amsterdam will be taken over by hundreds of visitors for a massive pillow fight!

In a celebration of freedom, creativity and happiness, the World Pillow Fight Day is an urban intervention with the mission to make public space more playful.

Living in a world increasingly dominated by regulations, security and commercial endeavours, this free event reclaims streets and spaces all over the world to emphasise the value of fun without corporate sponsors or regulating authorities. 

In addition to Amsterdam, pillow fights will also take place in over 50 other cities including Atlanta, New York, Milan, Boston, Shanghai, London, Paris and many others!

world pillow fight day 2014

world pillow fight day

world pillow fight day 2014
Photos by Vincenzo Truppo

How to Join the Pillow Fight

Dress for the press and mess. Wear something fun and feather proof.

Bring your own pillow. Soft pillows with feathers are desirable. 

Get there on time. Arrive before 3pm and wait for the signal.

Fight fluffy. Don't hit anyone without a pillow and don't swing too hard.

Clean up after yourself. Treat public space with respect.

The organisers also emphasise the importance of cleaning up after the fight. Join the cleaning crew and bring rubber gloves, brooms and garbage bags to ensure that the event will be allowed to take place next year!


Participate and RSVP here and here.

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