Kick-off Make a Forest

Other / Rotterdam
23 March 2011, 2pm - 6pm

De Dépendance, Schieblock, Schiekade 189
+31 6 21594575

Cultural entrepreneurs Anne van der Zwaag and Joanna van der Zanden will be launching the project "Make A Forest." This initiative aims at raising awareness on environmentally sustainable forest management by creating a link between nature and culture.

The theme of the launching will be highlighted from a scientific, visual arts, design and architectural perspective. The first tree project will be presented, developed by designer Christien Meinderstma.

man with tree

Cultural organisations and educational institutions around the world are invited alongside local artists, architects and designers to create this virtual forest. It will take shape in 2011, the year declared by the United Nations as the Year of Forests. The online platform will become the meeting place of all activities.

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