Friday Night at the Van Gogh Museum

Other / Amsterdam
07 February, 6pm - 10pm

Van Gogh Museum, Paulus Potterstraat 7, 1071 CX ‎
+31 (0)20 570 5200
€: 15 (museum entrance)

The Van Gogh Museum strives to offer visitors something a bit different on Fridays by staying open late and offering diverse entertainment to kick off the weekend.

Each Friday the Van Gogh Museum organises a live programme with a variety of entertainment ranging from DJs and live music to video artists, workshops and tours.

All of this is of course accompanied by a cocktail bar serving delicious drinks! 


› Every Friday is different, so be sure to check the calendar here.
› Museum pricing information is available here.
› For additional activities taking place here.


Thumb photo by Nina Albada Jelgersma  

Friday Night Van Gogh Museum
Photo by Lara Eva Tompa, Pixolar Photography

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