Zuiderpark Escamp
The Hague (map)

Parkpop is a free music festival, held every summer in a beautiful park in The Hague.

About Parkpop

Parkpop is The Hague’s most famous music festival - and it’s free! It is held in the beautiful Zuiderpark every summer and has hosted some of the biggest international names in pop music, including the Bangles, Sheryl Crow and Robbie Williams.

Parkpop’s non musical entertainments

Since launching in 1981, Parkpop has gone from strength to strength. It now attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors to The Hague ever year from all over the world.

Aside from world-famous bands, Parkpop also has its own massive pop-up market. Here you can check out hundreds of stalls selling various merchandise, music and collectibles.

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