Festival Classique

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Festival Classique is a three-day celebration of classical music in the historical centre of The Hague.

About Festival Classique

The first edition of Festival Classique took place in 2006 and it is already one of The Hague’s most popular festivals.

There is a welcoming atmosphere and the programme includes both established talents and promising new artists.

All of the performances are specially put together for the festival, making this a unique experience. Aside from music, Festival Classique also boasts comedy performances and workshops.

Classical music is for everyone

Festival Classique prides itself on devising exciting programmes for visitors of all ages. Its aim is to make classical music more accessible and fun.

Accordingly, performances of classical music are held at unexpected locations, like McDonalds or just outside under the stars!

Concerts last a maximum of one hour, without breaks, and are given lively introductions by people who are passionate about the programme.

Whether you’re a classical aficionado or can barely recognise Mozart, this festival offers something for everyone!

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