Festival Mundial

Leijpark, Tilburg, the Netherlands
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+31 (0) 13 543 13 35

Festival Mundial is an annual celebration of world music and cultures.

Diverse entertainment at Festival Mundial

Held every June in Tilburg, Festival Mundial attracts artists from all over the world. Its experimental programme is full of music, theatre, dance and circus acts.

Festival Mundial essentially cultivates its own avant-garde atmosphere, as non-Western artists and performers offer new takes on traditional genres.

The scope of the music here should give you some idea of its diversity, with performances including rock, hip-hop, Dutch rumba, Balkan folk tunes and African drum music.

Festival Mundial’s practical matters

Festival Mundial aims to have a fun, inclusive atmosphere!

This vibrant town festival has plenty of indoor and outdoor areas, each with their own unique atmosphere. These include a bazaar and special night market, plus a dedicated picnic area!

Festival Mundial grounds, close to Tilburg Centraal Station, make this event easily accessible by public transport. There is also the chance to camp at the nearby Beekse Bergen, with the option of taking a tent or a luxury bungalow.

Children under 12 get free entrance to the "Openlucht" areas, where most of the child-friendly entertainment takes place.

festival mundial

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