Assen MotoGP

Assen, the Netherlands
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MotoGP is a world-class motorcycle event held in Assen every summer.

About MotoGP

MotoGP is the biggest worldwide motorcycle racing event. The series consists of 18 races, held in 14 countries. Assen is the only city to have held the Motorcycle World Championship every year since the event’s initiation in 1949.

What makes the Assen MotoGP special?

Assen’s race circuit was built in 1954 especially for the Dutch TT!

motogp assen netherlands

It offers a huge grass embankment, impressive grandstands and recently renovated boxes.

The track itself consists of a narrow, tricky circuit with plenty of sharp turns. This makes for exciting races, as well as excellent viewing for the hundreds of thousands of driving fans who come here each year.

Aside from the race, Assen MotoGP also offers visitors a fun, festive atmosphere. Regardless of the races’ results, there are usually parties and celebrations throughout the MotoGP event.

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