Win a voucher to shop your delicious, home-delivered Easter selection!

Closing date: 06 April

In cooperation with Lindenhoff, IamExpat is giving away one 50-euro and one 25-euro shopping voucher for their lavishly filled webshop!

Would you like to win a voucher? Fill in the form in the right column and explain what you’d like to cook with the Lindenhoff products (max. 100 words).

Home-delivered, high-quality groceries

The family-operated Lindenhoff Farm believes in real food, authentic flavours and a personal, reliable customer service. Their products are of superior quality, carefully selected and developed with skills that have been passed down through generations within the te Voortwis family.

Choose your favourites out of more than 800 organically sourced products, and have your selection be delivered straight to your doorstep anywhere in the Netherlands (except for the Dutch islands and "Zeeuws"-Flanders).

Make sure to check out Lindenhoff’s assortment of fine meats, fresh fruits and vegetables and exquisite, mostly raw-milk cheeses.

Environmentally conscious farm

Traditional production methods, animal welfare and environmental consciousness are key at the Lindenhoff farm, making sure you know where your food comes from and that everything, from their animals to the fruit produce, was handled with love and care.

Shopping with a voucher

The Lindenhoff shopping vouchers enable you to order and try any of the tasty goodies from the Lindenhoff Farm for up to 25 or 50 euros! The minimum spending amount at the Lindenhoff Farm webshop is 45 euros plus 3,95 euros delivery costs.

All images courtesy of the Lindenhoff Farm

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An Easter with Lindenhoff

Lindenhoff offers a wide range of fresh products for a gorgeous Easter brunch, like fresh eggs, specialty yoghurts from sheep’s or goat’s milk, light cheeses and of course the new season’s fruit and vegetables, straight from the ground.

The Lindenhoff butchers prepared a fine selection of lamb’s cuts and don’t forget to complement your order with a bottle of fruity wine and some delicious juices for the kids.

If you can’t decide what to order with your voucher, as everything looks incredibly tasty, the Lindenhoff Farm also pre-selected fine seasonal products for you to pick from.

Please note that winners of this competition will be announced on the closing date. The first prize-winner will receive a 50-euro voucher. The second prize will be a voucher of 25 euros. Lindenhoff is looking forward to receiving your inspiration, good luck!

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April 06 2017, 08:02AM

Congratulations to the winners of a gift voucher to the Lindenhoff Farm: Monica Dancel (50 euros) and Ewa Wojtunik (25 euros)!

Monica wowed us with plans for an Easter brunch with ‘a delicious roast using Simmental beef dry-aged rump, a creamy casserole with vitelotte truffle potato and gruyere cheese, a refreshing beet and mesclun salad, served with a great merlot like Les Cent Aires Rouge Grand Corbiere.’

Ewa will be preparing a typical Polish dish made out of the fresh cabbage leaves and minced meat dipped in spices and tomato sauce. Both ideas sound delicious!

For further details we will contact the winners via their email addresses.

Thank you all for participating and remember - more competitions are coming up!

Kind regards,

The IamExpat Team




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