Win two double VIP tickets to Antigone

Closing date: 12 October

IamExpat is offering two double VIP tickets to the play Antigone by The International Theatre in English!

To participate, fill in the form on the right and say why you’d like to see the performance, and on which date!


Date: November 4 and 25
Location: Compagnietheater
A double ticket usually costs 70 euros.
Find more information about Antigone here.

The plot of Antigone

Antigone is about the underdog who fights the system, with a strong, young woman as the protagonist.

Antigone, daughter of the doomed King Oedipus, defies the orders of the state’s ruler, Creon, by burying her brother Polynikis against his orders. Her act of love and rebellion triggers a sequence of dramatic events surrounding her and Creon’s relentless convictions.

Antigone’s courage, bravery and faith in love are extremely touching. She takes a stance, even though her own sister conformingly tells her: "You ought to realise we are only women, not meant in nature to fight against men."

The International Theatre in English

The classical political thriller by Sophocles remains relevant in our modern times. The International Theatre in English shows how the play challenges us to think about the position of the individual within a society, and about the empowerment of women, loyalty and love.

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The production of 30 Dutch and international artists pays homage to all women who once dared to be a girl and stood up for what they believe in.

VIP treatment

The VIP tickets include a glass of wine and a selection of Greek hors d’oeuvres at the beginning of the performance, and the winners get to stay in the VIP area.

Please note: Ticket competition winners are announced on the closing date. There will be one double ticket awarded for each performance date. Remember to check this page or your IamExpat inbox to see if you've been selected!

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October 12 2016, 12:59PM

Congratulations to participants Paulo Rottmann and Ilinca Bogaciov,

You have each won a double ticket to Antigone on your selected date!

We received many enthusiastic responses, and have read many interesting and persuasive submissions. Well done to all of you!

Our two winners will receive info on how to secure their tickets via email.

Thank you all very much for participating and remember - more competitions are coming up!

Kind regards,

The IamExpat Team




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