Win two double tickets for Three Sisters Theatre Performance

Closing date: 21 December

IamExpat offers two double tickets for "Three Sisters" theatre performance in The Hague!

To participate, simply make a comment below and tell us why you would like to attend.

City: The Hague
Location: Koninklijke Schouwburg, Korte Voorhout 3, 2511 CW
Date & Time: Thursday, December 27, 2012 | 8.15pm
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About Three Sisters
The plot mirrors the decay of the upper class in turn of the century Russia. Three sisters with a refined upbringing wind up in a small country town, dreaming of a grand life in Moscow. Will the dreams of the sisters survive reality?

Artistic director Theu Boermans has given the play, written in 1900 by Anton Chekhov, a modern twist staring top actresses from the Dutch National Theatre.

This performance also includes English surtitles, ideal for non-Dutch speakers!

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December 13 2012, 09:16AM

I would like to attend this play because first I admire very much Checkov's works and second I am always interested in that sort of psychological plot dealing with human behaviour and relationship. Appreciating a movie or a play is like dressing someone else clothes or skin and trying to behave in the way they would do. In life we play different roles but some of them are our Favorite ones.

December 13 2012, 03:59PM

I would like to see my native classics in Dutch interpretation and spent a nice night out on my birthday.

December 13 2012, 04:38PM

I want to be there because I want to have unforgettable experience

December 14 2012, 08:28AM

Wel, Chekhov in Dutch with English subtitles : for me, Italian born in the French speaking area of Belgium, who studied in London and who's now living in the Netherlands with a Malaysian wife, this would be the best cocktail of the year ;-)

December 14 2012, 08:52AM

Seeing the play by a Russian physician, dramatist and author, would be a luxurious way how to end 2012. A moment with Chekhov is like a moment with angels dancing in peace. Like he himself once said: “We shall find peace. We shall hear angels, we shall see the sky sparkling with diamonds.”

December 20 2012, 12:11PM

Would love to see the "Dutch twist" on the Chekhov's classic!
P.S. It's always additionally curious about how they would pronounce the names of Olga, Maria, and Irina :-)

December 21 2012, 10:21AM

Congratulations to Marcobertolini and grinsandra, you have each won double tickets to see the "Three Sisters" performance on December 27!

For further details we will contact you through your IamExpat inbox. To check your IamExpat inbox, just log in and click on the "envelope" at the main menu area, next to your username.

Thank you all for participating and remember - more competitions are coming up!

Kind regards,
The IamExpat Team


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