Win ten double tickets to New Year's Eve 2012 parties

Closing date: 16 December

IamExpat offers ten double tickets to exciting New Year’s Eve parties around the country!

To participate, leave a comment below and tell us what party you’d like to attend and why!

Pakhuis New Year’s Eve Festival [3 pairs of tickets]
City: Rotterdam
Venue: Westelijk Handelsterrein
About the party: This dance party features a variety of live performances, art displays and a delicious biological dinner!
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Heaven, Hell or Earth at Paard van Troje [2 pairs of tickets]
City: The Hague
Venue: Paard van Troje
About the party: Featuring three halls of DJs you can party between heaven’s gate or hell’s inferno in The Hague!
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New Year Eve 2012 Parties Netherlands
Thumb photo by Flickr user AnthonyCramp

Hippie New Year at Canvas [2 pairs of tickets]
City: Amsterdam
Venue: Canvas
About the party: Get groovy on the dance floor at Canvas for this hippie themed party and watch fireworks from their rooftop terrace!
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ARRRGGH at Amsterdam Roest [2 pairs of tickets]
City: Amsterdam
Venue: Roest
About the party: Arrrggh matey! Party with a wild crew of dirty pirates at Roest!
For more information, click here

Tropenieuw [1 pair of tickets]
City: Amsterdam
Venue: Marble Hall at the Tropen Museum
About the party: Tropenieuw is an exclusive party at a sophisticated location!
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December 04 2012, 02:35PM

I would love to attend the Tropeniew party! It should be a grand time and a great way to bring the new year in.

December 05 2012, 03:28PM

I would like to attend Heaven, Hell or Earth at Paard van Troje, because the party theme is awsome and match this year's end - after all the end of the world is expected :)

December 06 2012, 11:20AM

I would like to attend Hippie New Year at Canvas. I would like to make this party for me and my love as a wedding party, that we didn't have. And I've never watched fireworks from the roof :D It has to be excited, closer to the stars and fireworks :D

December 06 2012, 02:05PM

I would like the party to be in Amsterdam (maybe TropenMuseum). Why? Because I'm a lonely expat :( . If I win 2 tickets I would go with someone.

December 06 2012, 02:33PM

Can I join you if you win? :) I am also a lonely expat without any plans for a New years eve. Good luck ;)

December 06 2012, 02:14PM

I would like to attend Hippie New Year at Canvas, sounds funny to me :)

December 06 2012, 02:17PM

ARRRGGH at Amsterdam Roest would definitely be my kind of party!

December 06 2012, 02:18PM

My soulmate and I would LOVE to attend Tropenieuw in Amsterdam! Its our first New Years alone in The Netherlands! And our last before I go to England to study abroad. We need a romantic boost into the new year before I am gone for a year! ahhh!

December 06 2012, 02:20PM

I would love to attend the Pakhuis New Year’s Eve Festival in Rotterdam. I love dancing, besides... it's Rotterdam, the city I'm moving in in 2 months. And the most important reason... I'm in love. :) My boyfriend lives in Rotterdam and I don't know if I'll see him until I move there too. So... I'm really hoping we can spend New Year's Eve together and this would be such a great idea and a great surprise for him. :) It would be our first NYE spent together in the city of our dreams.

December 06 2012, 02:25PM

I wish I could attend the Tropenieuw party because I like to dress-up nice, I dont have a date for the NYE and I like to spend the night dressed elegantly and maybe meet some people like me there.

December 06 2012, 02:48PM

Hippie New Year at Canvas, cos i've heard it's a nice place

December 06 2012, 03:09PM

The ARRRGGH at Amsterdam Roest sounds like a good place for me matey!

December 06 2012, 03:12PM

Art+Music+Food combo at Pakhuis sounds great, so I would love to spend the NYE there! Moreover, besides the train station, I've never been to Rotterdam ;-)

December 06 2012, 03:21PM

Hippie New Year at Canvas!!! cause love is everything!!!! I just met my soulmate 2 months ago, he was introduced to me by 1 couple (my personal Angels from NL<3) and what better way to celebrate New Year than being all together with this unbelievable idea of hippie party!!!!

December 06 2012, 03:51PM

The art + food + music combination at Pakhuis sounds amazing. I am an expat and am leaving the Netherlands so this is the last NYE I will be spending in the Netherlands for some time -I really want to make it a memorable one! Also, I have been experiencing some rough spots in my relationship recently and think that this would be a good way to just have fun, be young, be in love, not be complicated, and move to the rhythm of life in the best country in the world!

December 06 2012, 04:12PM

I and My husband want to go to Tropenieuw for having an amazing newyear eve:)

December 06 2012, 04:42PM

Pakhuis New Year’s Eve Festiva

December 07 2012, 07:01AM

I would love to attend to the Pakhuis New Year’s Eve Festival in Rotterdam. it would be amazing to have fun with local and international people, Culture sharing and fun spreading! It would make my year! :D

December 07 2012, 09:25AM

It would be awesome to go as an pirate at the Amsterdam Roest party! After almost 2 years looking for an appartment my girlfriend and I finally found one and this would be THE cherry on the cake!

December 07 2012, 04:46PM

I would love to attend the Tropenieuw New Year's Eve party in Amsterdam. I am new to the Netherlands and I just moved to Amsterdam from the sunny Southern California a couple weeks ago. With the holidays fast approaching, I am starting to feel more and more homesick. So, I'm hoping that I can spend my first NYE in Amsterdam in a memorable way. Tropenieuw sounds like a party that will make me feel right at home in Amsterdam. Cheers!

December 07 2012, 06:22PM

Hippie pary for us newly arrivals in town !!! Thank you and happy holidays!

December 09 2012, 05:58PM

Dear Tropenieuw party:
The New Year’s rolling in / We’re planning quite a bash / We need you to have us in / So it will be a smash!

December 10 2012, 10:15PM

I would like to go Tropenieuw party at the Tropen Museum. Why? Tropen Museum is the least museum that has Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) in their website. I find it very nice. Because after al the history between Holland and Indonesia, I dont see dutch website that has Bahasa Indonesia as the language options often, this is the first one for me. Having a new year's party surrounded by the displays of international's history and culture from all around the world is more like a celebration for me and my husband, Danny. It represents our meeting's background. I am an Indonesian, he is not and we meet in Phillipines. Ok I think I should not starting to tell all this sweet story about us ;)

December 12 2012, 04:59PM

I would love to attend the Hippie New Year at Canvas as I always dreamt about going to a hippie party. I find those times fascinating and I am sure is going to be the best NYE party in town.

December 14 2012, 09:11AM

This is my first New Year in the Netherlands and I cant think of better way how to spend it. Hippie New Year at Canvas would be a perfect start for 2013 and my "mission" here in Holland.

December 14 2012, 02:58PM

The best way to welcome New Year is in Canvas for the Hippie Party!!

December 14 2012, 03:37PM

Ahoy, pirates!! Soon we all will be rich!!! New treasures are ready to be found at the ARRRGGH party at Amsterdam Roest! Why should I attend the party?? I've always dreamt myself as a pirate sailing the seas of adventures

December 14 2012, 04:00PM

I would love the Hippie New Year at Canvas tickets. I've always wanted to celebrate New Years at different cities around the world. So far I've already done Singapore and Malaysia. Now that I am in The Netherlands, what better way to celebrate it than with 16 million others here!!!!

December 14 2012, 07:15PM

Hello! I' d like to go to the Heaven, Hell or Earth's party to celebrate my first NYE party in the Hague and my lifestyle here! I would like to attend the craziest party ever and I've got a feeling, it's the place to be! x

December 14 2012, 10:00PM

Hoi, It would be excellent if I can get the tickets for Pakhuis New Year’s Eve Festival. The main reason that interested me for that party, other than this post off course :), is that I am situated in Rotterdam and it is convenient for me to attend this party. This would also be such a nice gift for my fiance; ambient, lineup, food... everything looks very interesting. Going further, looks like almost all the tickets are sold ...

December 15 2012, 04:23PM

It’s the first time in New Year’s my girlfriend is here,
She’s been living in Amsterdam for almost a year,
She’s a teacher and student at the same time,
We really need to go out and have a grand time!

As you can see I am not much of a rhymer so let me just say it in a complete sentence:
She has been working so hard that she deserves to be a princess for a night, and what better party for her to go to than the Tropenieuw? The clock will strike midnight and she will still be a princess! :)

December 17 2012, 05:10PM

Congratulations to JessieAngulo, helenc123 and Deeane! You have each won double tickets to the Pakhuis New Year's Eve Festival!

Congratulations to catinhat and Virgtravel! You have each won double tickets to Heaven, Hell or Earth at Paard van Troje!

Congratulations to marzeniamizyje and ancazinculescu! You have each won double tickets to Hippie New Year at Canvas!

Congratulations to funnywitch and clyde1982! You have each won double tickets to ARRRGGH at Amsterdam Roest!

Congratulations to aldiladalamore you have won double tickets to Tropenieuw!

For further details we will contact you through your IamExpat inbox. To check your IamExpat inbox, just log in and click on the "envelope" at the main menu area, next to your username.

Thank you all for participating and remember - more competitions are coming up!

Kind regards,
The IamExpat Team

December 17 2012, 05:40PM

Thank you!!!

December 18 2012, 04:35PM

What an awesome present! Thanks :)


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