Rental pricing & requirements in the Netherlands

The relative shortage of rental properties in the Netherlands is correlated with the housing prices. Rent may vary from 300 euros for a single room to over 2.500 euros per month for an apartment in a 17th century canal in the centre of Amsterdam.

The rent consists of two parts, the basic rent and the service charges. You will notice that the rental price can be either inclusive or exclusive; service charges include gas, water, electricity, Internet connection, landline, cable TV and building utilities.

If your rent is less than 540 euros per month you can apply for a rent subsidy; contact a Rent Commission (Huurcommissies) by calling 0800 488 72 43.

Indicative rental prices (in euros)

House: 800 to 1.300 for an average (100 to 250 m²) house
Apartments: 700 to 800 for a three-room (65 to 100 m²) apartment
Student house: 280 to 350
Student apartment: 250 to 330
Landlord hosting: 220 to 300
Anti-squats: 100 to 150
Squats: 0 to 100


You will definitely be asked for guarantees concerning your ability to pay the rent. Professionals need to demonstrate a copy of their job contract whereas for students it can be more time-consuming: you usually have to present a bank statement of your account in the Netherlands and probably a statement from your family bank account with an English note exhibiting your credit ability.

In any case, you must provide your BSN and always look for apartments that you can register.

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