Rental contracts & rights in the Netherlands

Rental contracts in the Netherlands are pro-tenant. However, expats should be extremely careful when signing since rental contracts define both parties’ rights and obligations.

Rental contracts in the Netherlands

In general, rental contracts in the Netherlands should include:
Both your and your landlord’s name
 Agreed monthly rent and method of payment
 Address and description of the place
 Starting and ending dates
 Specific house rules (pets, third party housing, smoking policy etc.)
 Extra costs (gas, water, Internet etc.)
 Landlord’s duties (maintenance, repairs etc.)
 Notice period for terminating the contract
 Inventory list (if the apartment is furnished)

Please, note that an oral agreement / contract is legally valid but not widely used (mainly for security reasons).

Rights & Duties

The book of Civil Rights states that: "Rent is the agreement, in which one party, the landlord, obligates himself to an other party, the tenant, to let him use an object or part of an object, for which the tenant obligates himself to a compensation."

rental contracts rights netherlands

 Landlord’s obligations

- Ensure availability of the property within the agreed rental period.
Cover any necessary repairs (within a reasonable period).
- Solve any problems affecting the tenant (plumping, electricity, Internet etc.).
- Give valid reasons and notice (three to six months) to cancel the rental contract.

› Tenant’s obligations

- Pay the agreed monthly rent on time.
- Follow the agreed house rules.
- Allow repairs to be made (within a reasonable period).
- Give valid reasons and notice (one to three months) to cancel the rental contract.

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