Taxes & Costs of buying a house in the Netherlands

› Transfer tax (Overdrachtsbelasting)
- 6% of the purchase price
- Note that transfer tax is reduced to 2% until June 2012
- Not negotiable

› Pre-sale agreement (Koopevereenkomst)
- 0,3% (plus BTW) of the purchase price
- Rarely negotiable

› Transfer contract (Akte van levering)
- 0,3% (plus BTW) of the purchase price
- Definitely negotiable

› Mortgage arranging cost (Afsluitprovisie)
- 1% of the mortgage or
- 1,2% (plus BTW) of the purchase price

› Mortgage contract (Hypotheekakte)
- 0,15% (plus BTW) of the purchase price
- Tax deductible

› Estate agent fee (Makelaarscourtage)
- 2% (plus BTW) of the purchase price
- Applicable only if you specifically asked the agent to find a house for you

 Valuation (Taxatierapport)
- 0,2% (plus BTW) of the purchase price
- Tax deductible and negotiable

 Deemed rental value (Eigenwoningforfait)
- 0,8% of the WOZ value (determined by the government)

Tax implications

Mortgage interest payments are tax deductible as long as the property / house is to be used as the main residence for a maximum of 30 years.

 Tax deductions automatically disappear if you decide to leave the country but continue to own the property. As a non-resident taxpayer, you will not enjoy tax deductible mortgage interest payments so make sure the rent you receive covers both costs and interest.

 Increases in the value of the house are tax-free as long as it is used as the main residence (no capital gains tax).

 The 30% ruling may raise your chances of getting an appealing mortgage deal.

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