Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND)

The Immigration and Naturalisation Service (Immigratie en Naturalisatiedienst or IND) is a branch of the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice which implements the immigration policy of the Netherlands.

For anyone wishing to gain admittance to the Netherlands, the IND is the organisation with which your application will be processed.

Whether you are an international looking to study in the Netherlands, an asylum seeker, or you simply want to move to the Netherlands to start a new life, then the IND will be your first point of contact.

IND Responsibilities and Duties

The work of the IND is mostly taken up with applications for residency permits and visas for people wishing to stay a short time in the Netherlands.

If you have been living in the Netherlands for some time and would like to become a naturalised Dutch citizen, the IND can help you with that.

The IND also helps people who feel unsafe in their home country to seek asylum in the Netherlands.

IND contact details

Telephone number: 0900-1234561 (weekdays from 9am until 5pm)

Online contact form

IND desks in the Netherlands

Here is a list of the IND desks all over the Netherlands.

IND Amsterdam

IND-loket Amsterdam

Address: Stadhouderskade 85,
1073 AT, Amsterdam

IND Eindhoven

Rijksverzamelgebouw "Hooghuis"

Address: Keizersgracht 5,
5611 GB, Eindhoven

IND Hoofddorp


Address: Mercuriusplein 1,
2132 HA, Hoofddorp

IND Rijswijk


Address: Sir Winston Churchilllaan 293,
2288 DC, Rijswijk

IND Rotterdam

Stadswinkel Centrum (Doelwater)

Address: Coolsingel 40,
3011 AD, Rotterdam

IND The Hague


Address: Spui 70,
2511 BT, The Hague

IND Utrecht

IND Loket Utrecht

Address: Bergstraat 58,
3511 RS, Utrecht

IND Zwolle

La Grande Vitesse

Address: Zuiderzeelaan 43-51,
8017 JV, Zwolle

IND 's-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch)

De Magistraat

Address: Magistratenlaan 222,
5223 MA, 's-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch)

IND Netherlands logo

IND offices in the Netherlands

Here is a list of the IND offices all over the Netherlands.

Aanmeldcentrum Den Bosch

Address: Leeghwaterlaan 16,
5223 BA, 's-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch)

Aanmeldcentrum Ter Apel

Address: Ter Apelervenen 3,
9561 MC, Ter Apel

Hoofddorp "Pharos"

Address: Mercuriusplein 1,
2132 HA, Hoofddorp

Hoofdkantoor Rijswijk "The Crown"

Address: Dr. H. Colijnlaan 341,
2283 XL, Rijswijk

Justitieel Complex Schiphol (JCS)

Address: Duizendbladweg 100,
1171 VA, Badhoevedorp

Kennis-en Leercentrum Utrecht

Address: Nijenoord 6,
3552 AS, Utrecht

Rijswijk "Churchillhof"

Address: Sir Winston Churchillaan 293,
2288 DC, Rijswijk

Rijswijk "De Prins"

Address: Dr. H. Colijnlaan 306,
2283 ZA, Rijswijk

Rijswijk "Traffic Square"

Address: Generaal Eisenhowerplein 111,
2288 AG, Rijswijk

Rijswijk "Winston Churchill Tower"

Address: Sir Winston Churchilllaan 366a,
2285 SJ, Rijswijk

's-Hertogenbosch "De Magistrate"

Address: Magistratenlaan 222,
5223 MA, 's-Hertogenbosch


Address: Heilige Huisjes 1,
6905 AA, Zevenaar

Zwolle "La Grande Vitesse"

Address: Zuiderzeelaan 43-51,
8017 JV, Zwolle

Zwolle "Lyon"

Address: Noordzeelaan 2-18,
8017 JV, Zwolle


Important note
The information listed above is subject to change. If you become aware of updated information please contact us.

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Amsterdam's IND office has moved

The IND office in Amsterdam has just moved from its previous location. The new address is Stadhouderskade 85, 1073 AT Amsterdam.

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