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If you want to start your own business in the Netherlands then you will come in contact with the Kamer van Koophandel (KvK), the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

The KvK not only helps to get your business up-and-running by assisting with the initial administration, but they can also give you advice on doing business in the Netherlands and can help to promote your business in the local area.

KvK Responsibilities and Duties

Helping create a business plans for entrepreneurs
Registering your business
Registering you as a freelancer (or ZZP'er)
Allowing access to the trade register
Providing advice and help on running a business in the Netherlands
Stimulating business growth in the local area

KvK offices in the Netherlands

Here is a list of all Kamer van Koophandel (KvK) offices in the Netherlands.

Offices are open from 8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. You must make an appointment before you visit.

Kamer van Koophandel in Drenthe

KvK office in Emmen

Address: Van Schaikweg 94, 7811 KL

Kamer van Koophandel in Flevoland

KvK office in Almere

Address: Stadhuisplein 1
, 1315 HR

Kamer van Koophandel in Friesland

KvK office in Leeuwarden

Address: Heliconweg 62, 8914 AT

Kamer van Koophandel in Gelderland

KvK office in Arnhem

Address: Kronenburgsingel 525, 6831 GM

KvK office in Apeldoorn

Address: Christiaan Geurtsweg 8d
, 7335 JV

Kamer van Koophandel in Groningen

KvK office in Groningen

Address: Leonard Springerlaan 15, 9727 KB

Kamer van Koophandel in Limburg

KvK office in Roermond

Address: Steegstraat 5
, 6041 EA

Kamer van Koophandel in Noord Brabant

KvK office in Breda

Address: Mozartlaan 7
, 4837 EH

KvK office in Eindhoven

Address: J.F. Kennedylaan 2, 5612 AB


KvK logo

KvK office in ´s-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch)

Address: Pettelaarpark 10, 5216 PD

Kamer van Koophandel in North Holland

KvK office in Alkmaar

Address: Comeniusstraat 10, 1817 MS

KvK office in Amsterdam

Address: De Ruyterkade 5, 1013 AA

Kamer van Koophandel in Overijssel

KvK office in Enschede

Address: Hengelosestraat 585, 7521 AG

KvK office in Zwolle

Address: Govert Flinckstraat 1, 8021 ET

Kamer van Koophandel in Utrecht

KvK office in Amersfoort

Address: Printerweg 6
, 3821 AD

KvK office in Utrecht (head office)

Address: Sint Jacobsstraat 300, 3511 BT

Kamer van Koophandel in Zeeland

KvK office in Middelburg

Address: Buitenruststraat 225, 4337 ER

Kamer van Koophandel in Zuid-Holland

KvK office in Rotterdam

Address: Blaak 40, 3011 TA

KvK office in The Hague

Address: Koninginnegracht 13, 2514 AA

Contact KvK

Official website
Tel: 088 585 1 585
(Monday - Friday, 8.30am - 5pm)
Contact form

Important note
The information listed above is subject to change. If you become aware of updated information please contact us.


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