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Dutch Up! Film screening & conversation

A new edition of Direct Dutch Filmclub is coming up on Sunday, November 9! The subject is Soof by Antoinette Beumer, a romantic comedy about aging and the disillusion associated with following traditional life trajectories. About Soof Main character Soof is approaching 40 and has everything tha...

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Unemployment in the Netherlands is down for the fifth month in a row, according to the latest CBS statistics.

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Have you ever wondered which European countries are good at languages? A linguist has mapped the average number of ...

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What will Amsterdam be like in 20 years? Researchers look at current trends to get a glimpse of the city's future.

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Do you suffer from depression, anxiety or other psychological issues? These challenges can be overcome, but sometim...

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Is your Dutch progressing slowly? Here are three time wasters to watch out for while learning Dutch.

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