Dentists & Dental care in the Netherlands

Dentistry is privatised in the Netherlands and not covered by basic insurance policies (except for children under 18 and specialist dental care, such as surgery).

There are over five thousand practices in the Netherlands. Traditionally, dentists (tandarts in Dutch) in the Netherlands work in their own single-dentist practice and at present most of them still do so, although the trend is that practices are becoming larger with more than one dentist per practice.

Finding a dentist

Given the number of practices, you should be able to find one easily in your areas. can help you to find a dentist in your region, as can the listing in the Yellow Pages (Gouden Gids). Many Dutch practices are full and it may be difficult to find one taking on new patients, so be prepared to ring around.

Dental care costs

Other dental care can only be insured by taking out "extras" for your policy. Depending on your health insurance, this could cover up to 75 per cent of the cost.

Dentists list their prices on their website and insurance companies have comparable lists of how much they will cover for each service, allowing people to choose their own level of care and expenditure.

Specialist services

Dental surgeons are usually affiliated with a hospital, while orthodontists work in private practice. In order to visit one of these (or another type, such as a children’s dentist) you will need a referral from a regular dentist.

In larger cities there are also dental hygiene practices, which you don’t need a referral to visit.

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Dentists & Dental Care Providers

Lassus Tandartsen
Legal Expat DeskLassus Tandartsen, a multilingual dental practice with two offices in central Amsterdam, help clients maintain healthy teeth and provide high-quality dental treatments.
T: +31 204 713 137 or +31 204 221 912

De Liefde Dental Practice
De LiefdeA modern dental practice with a holistic approach, a team of general dentists, biological dentists, hygienists and specialists with considerable experience in dentistry. We are a metal-free and articaine-free practice. E:
T: 020 614 00 53

Tandartspraktijk Plantage
Tandartspraktijk plantageVisit us for both general dentistry and several specializations, such as restorative dentistry, esthetic dentistry, implantology, endodontics, orthodontics and dental hygiene.
T: 020 420 4367

Tandarts Jordaan
Tandartspraktijk plantageLocated in the historic centre of Amsterdam, Tandarts Jordaan offers the best dental care available. With exceptional facilities and hygiene practices; skilled and experienced staff; personalised customer care; and transparent pricing. Facebook - Dental Care
E: - T: +31 20 612 12 43

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