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24 Oranges
Dutch things pressed for your pleasure.

A Flamingo in Utrecht
A woman from the southern US and her new life.

A Georgia Peach in Utrecht
A Southern girl who moved to the Netherlands for love.

A Nether Ending Story
A certified English teacher and writer / editor making a life as an expat in the Netherlands.

A Wanderlust for Life
Sean and Jessica finding their way around the world with only carry-on bags while living the expat life in Amsterdam.

American Girl in Holland
An American family documents their lives in the Netherlands. 

Amsterdam Blog
Amsterdam through the eyes of a British expat, for people who live here, and their visitors.

Amsterdam City Blog
Restaurants, shops, people and life in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Cycle Chic
Showing the world the Dutch cycling culture.

Amsterdam Foodie
Restaurant reviews and decadent dining.

A journey through Amsterdam's life, people, streets and hidden corners.

A less touristic & more personal approach on this beautiful city.

Musings of a Californian girl living in Amsterdam.

Backfiets en Meer
City cycling news and opinions from Amsterdam.

Bitterballen Bruid
An English girl in Hilversum: learning how to be Dutch and eating way too many bitterballen.

Blue Plate Special
Delft's English-language Restaurant Reviews.

A Canadian girl in the Netherlands.

Citywordhunt Dutch
A language blog with a cultural twist: a blend of vocabulary, culture and everyday life in the Netherlands.

Clogs and Tulips
An American in Holland.

Company Heart & Soul
Make company life more authentic and have more fun & success.

Concert Blog
Concert economics, creative entrepreneurship, and culture.

Cooking with Nothing
Cooking recipes from a Kiwi living in Amsterdam; enjoy your meal by spending few.

Cosmo Polite
Helping you build a new social life in Amsterdam.

Courageous or Crazy?!?!
American expat learning to adapt in her new role as stay-at-home mom in the Netherlands.

Danica's Thoughts
A down-to-earth blog about things that happen in the life of an integrated expat mom. The blog is fun & you never know what will pop up next!

Dutch Community
A blog for expats who are currently living or have lived in the Netherlands.

Everywhere Bucket List
Follow this Aussie expat living in Amsterdam as she navigates expat life and shares her travel adventures and tips from Europe and beyond.

Expat Life with a Double Buggy
Sharing the ups, the downs and the in-betweens of parenting abroad.

Expat Women Blog
Helping women living overseas.

Expats of Amsterdam
A blog platform similar to Humans of New York / Amsterdam but specifically for expatriates. By expats, about expats, sharing experiences here in de stad Amsterdam.

Finding Dutchland
A lifestyle blog with inspirational & educational material for all women, especially expat women, pregnant women & newly minted moms.

Gessell + Lee
An American expat family in Amsterdam. Providing you with expert tips on family travel in and around Europe.

Great Love Expat-tations
Advice, perspectives, networking and new ideas on culture shock and relationships.

Here Is Always Somewhere Else
Cultural critiques and observations by an American artist and writer living in Amsterdam.

Home Cooking with Sonya
Originally from Oregon (USA) now living in the Netherlands; about cooking.

I Am Not a Tourist (Real Life in Amsterdam)
Expat stories from Amsterdam.

I Becoming Dutch
Lisa’s domestic travel life in the Netherlands embracing Dutch culture and exploring Haarlem, Amsterdam and more.

I Wander and Roam
Travel tips and tales of expat life by a former vintage shop owner from the UK now living in Amsterdam.

Invading Holland
The story of Stuart B (Invader Stu), an accident prone Englishman living in Holland.

John Does Amsterdam
American and in Amsterdam since June 08.

Kats in Klompen
The art journal of Judith Nijholt-Strong, an American artist living the expat life in the Netherlands.

Knock Knock
two guys | one adventure | zero feet above sea level

Life in Dutch
The adventures of an American family living in the Netherlands.

Little Big Traveler
All about everyday expat life in the Netherlands and travels in Europe - culture, events, tips and more.

Living on a Canal in Amsterdam
Adventures and experiences living on a canal in Amsterdam

Local Abroad
Reflections of a Canadian expat living in the Netherlands.

Local Heart, Global Soul
A blog from a cooking crazy Dutch / New Zealand crafter who by the way is a photography freak.

My Hodgepodge
Daily life stories from a Filipina migrant in the Netherlands.

My Little Expat Kitchen
Sharing recipes and stories about (and beyond) food with the world.

My Random Amsterdam
Random. Fun. Amsterdam!

A collection of all things an American expat in the Netherlands finds interesting..

Olympic Wanderings
I wander. I blog.

Pressed Words
Sweet-life adventures of an Amsterdam Expat. Food. Travel. Looks. and Love.

Random Walks in the Low Countries
Occasional thoughts and observations on the expatriate experience from an American scientist living and working in the Netherlands.

Run of the Windmill
The daily life writings of an English mum going against the wind in the Netherlands.

Shawn in Dutch
An American expatriate's experiences moving to the Netherlands. 

Tales from a Fork
A travel and lifestyle blog focused on food, travel tips, and photography from our dear planet earth plus daily firsthand accounts on a New Yorker’s expat life in Amsterdam.

The European Mama
A blog by a Polish mother living in the Netherlands about parenting, multilingualism, being European, and much more.

The Expat Chronicles
An American family finding happiness on the road less travelled. A blog about our adventures as expats in Spain and now the Netherlands.

The Tenneys Unscripted
Life unscripted of an American family navigating Amsterdam; travel, dog, baby and everything in-between.

The Weekend Traveler
Traveling in Europe and more.

Things to Do in Holland
Things to do in Holland - A different one every day.

This Girl Lel
Art, crafts & design.

Tiptoe through the Tulips with Me

UnClogged in A'dam
An American expat plumbs Holland.

Under Dutch Skies
Life in the Lowlands.

This list is being updated quarterly. Blogs that have not been active for some time, are not in English or are commercial/promotional will be deleted. To add / reinstate your blog to the list, please contact editor[at]iamexpat[dot]nl.


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