Mind Your Stress Workshop

Workshops / The Hague
08 December 2012, 11am – 4pm

Het Coachhuis, Raamweg 4
The Hague
€: 125 (including BTW/VAT)

This workshop is a unique opportunity to learn how to reduce unsupportive emotional stress reactions and improve your communication skills with yourself and others.

When stress is experienced daily and becomes chronic the effects can be devastating for your health and wellbeing, as well as your relationships.

This is a highly impactful workshop of 5 hours exploring various ways to develop emotional control and become more stress resilient.

About the workshop coach
Mary Jane Roy is a certified stress counselor, NLP master practitioner, and an accredited HeartMath provider with a registered nursing background. Originally from Canada, Mary Jane has been living in the Netherlands since 1993. 

Learn how to
Recognise stress triggers
Increase energy and vitality
Neutralise the effects of the stress reactions
Understand the body and mind implications of stress
Improve the health of your nervous system and transform your stress "on the spot" anywhere, anytime
Achieve improved mental clarity
Develop better problem solving skills make more supportive choices in your life 

Participants will receive coffee & tea, lunch, workbook, and weekly email coaching tips for 1 month after the workshop.
Email your name, address and phone number to maryjane[at]creatingwaves[dot]nu to reserve a spot.

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