Female Empowerment

Workshops / Amsterdam
28 November 2013, 6pm - 9.30pm

Secret location,
+31 (0)61 325 36 55
€: 19

This workshop does just what it says on the tin - it's all about female empowerment! Participants are encouraged to share their business experiences and gain confidence from interacting with like-minded women.

As well as a 90 minute workshop on female empowerment, the evening will also include a speed-networking session.

Getting your dream job depends on both what and who you know - and this session will help increase your chances in both regards.

It will also allow you to build a support-network of successful businesswomen, who could push you towards impressive achievements. After all, feeling empowered is crucial to professional success!

The International CareerClub

The International CareerClub is a business network specifically for international women. It is designed to help females undergo career transitions, start their own businesses, find a new job or employee, or just connect with one another. All of their previous events have sold out.

To register for this event, use the online form or send an email with your full name to info@internationalcareerclub.com. Payment instructions will then be sent to you.
The "secret location" will be revealed upon registration.

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