While studying

Lifelong learning programmes

The European Commission offers a plethora of funding programmes, which are integrated under a single umbrella, the Lifelong Learning Program (LLP). These learning options differ significantly and focus on different stages of education.

Until 2013, the European Union will have spent nearly seven billion euros on:
Comenius (pre-school and primary to secondary school)
Erasmus (for students)
Leonardo da Vinci (vocational education and training)
Grundtvig (adult education and alternative education streams)
Jean Monnet (higher education)

Click here for a complete list of all national agencies and / or to apply for any of the above-mentioned LLP programmes.

Internships & Traineeships

Apart from contacting your university's career office, you may also check the following links:
Moloney Search
Studenten Werk (in Dutch)

A factsheet with the immigration procedures for foreign students doing an internship can be downloaded here.


Note that all non-EU / EEA students with a valid residence permit can work either full-time seasonal (June - August) or part-time of maximum ten hours a week.

In that case, their employer is not obliged to acquire a work permit for them.

Deducting study costs in your Dutch tax return

Did you know that many work-related study courses and materials are tax deductible? Learn about the possible tax benefits of declaring your study costs.

14 things newcomers need to know about the Netherlands

You've just arrived in the Netherlands and you need a bike, Dutch classes and maybe a place to stay. Here's an indispensable guide to getting started!

Dutch university association calls for more scholarships for international students

The Dutch university association is asking the government for more international scholarships, arguing the Netherlands needs more foreign students.

Numbers of foreign students in the Netherlands increases

Enrolments by foreign students in Dutch universities increased in 2013 for the third year in a row.

Help for international students to stay in the Netherlands

The Dutch government has launched a new plan to encourage international students to stay and work in the Netherlands after they finish their studies.

Student in the Netherlands: Starting your own business

For those of you still looking for a job in the Netherlands, there is one more option: to start your own business.

Student in the Netherlands: Finding a job

After all the fun you've been having as a student in the Netherlands, it's time to get down to business. Here is some advice on how to find a job in the Netherlands.

Erasmus exchange programme faces budget crisis

The Erasmus student exchange programme is facing a budget shortfall this year, and the European Commission fears that the situation will only worsen in 2013 without intervention by the European Parliament.




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