Study programmes in the Netherlands

If you are looking for information regarding duration, contact, tuition fees, educational and language requirements, modes of instruction and objectives of various study programmes check Nuffic’s (the Netherlands organisation for international cooperation in higher education) complete database.

Degrees & Qualifications

The Dutch system does not differ significantly from the European study system and thus, the following degrees are available:

› Bachelor's degrees

- Bachelor of Science (BSc)
- Bachelor of Arts (BA)
- Bachelor of Laws (LLB)
- Bachelor of Engineering (BEng)
- Bachelor of Education (BEd)
- Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)
- Bachelor of Music (BMus)

› Master's degrees

- Master of Science (MSc)
- Master of Arts (MA)
- Master of Laws (LLM)
- Master of Engineering (MEng)
- Master of Education (MEd)
- Master of Fine Arts (MFA)
- Master of Music (MMus)

› PhD

A PhD is the highest academic degree and thus, can be obtained only by universities and a limited number of international institutes. Its period depends on the type of PhD, area of study, previous qualifications etc.

Postdoctoral research

One may also pursue academic (or scholarly) research after his / her PhD. Post-Docs, just like most PhDs, are on a paid basis in the Netherlands.

2015 Keuzegids: Dutch university disciplines with best job prospects

This year's Keuzegids guide, comparing higher education courses across the Netherlands, contains a few unexpected results in terms of job prospects.

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