Hints & Tips for students in the Netherlands

Apply as soon as possible. Deadlines may differ significantly and usually take place from February till May.

 Sending e-mail (and / or even calling) before / after applying is highly appreciated.

 In the Netherlands, the academic year starts at September 1 and ends at August 31.

 Internships, part time and / or summer jobs are taken under consideration and could counterbalance a marginal GMAT score.

 Search for academic articles in several electronic libraries. Do not forget to check Google Scholar and SSRN (Social Science Research Network).

 Get used to addressing your professor with his / her first name.

 Almost one out of ten students are expats.

 Study hard but smart! Exams are most of the times issues addressed during lectures.

 Try to get involved into as many projects, assignments, competitions, seminars and associations as possible. Professors appreciate it, firms ask for it and it is a good way to enrich your CV.

 If you think that a subject is interesting do not hide it. Talk to your professor, search for more articles, check industry organisations / corporations and think of a possible thesis topic.

 If you run late for a class, do not bother attending in the middle of the lecture. However, keep in mind that punctuality is highly appreciated.

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