Tuition fees & funding in the Netherlands

Higher education in the Netherlands is not for free, although it is heavily subsidised by the Dutch government in an attempt to make their higher education more affordable than the one of UK or US.

Tuition fees in the Netherlands

In general, Dutch universities and institutes offer a plethora of programmes that start at approximately 1.600 euros per year for EU / EEA students (younger than 30 years old). The amount of tuition fees may (slightly) vary depending on the type of programme as well as and the university, and it is (much) higher for non EU / EEA students. As expected, nearly all Master's programmes tend to be quite expensive too.

You can find the exact amount of tuition fees for the programme of your interest here.

Useful links on tuition fees

If are a foreign student, visit GrantFinder, the Dutch scholarship search engine.
› Find out if you are eligible for a scholarship here.
 Scholarships offered by European and Dutch organisations.
 For student loans check IB-Groep.

Funding & Scholarships

The Worldwide Cost of Living Survey provided by the Economist Intelligence Unit clearly demonstrates that the cost of living in the Netherlands is lower compared to other European countries.

Apart from scholarships in the Netherlands or in your home country, there are also:

› Loan tuition fees (maximum 1.500 euros annually, interest-free) 
- for EU / EEA or Switzerland citizens
- under 30 years old
- enrolled for a full-time course at a recognised institute
- have BSN as well as a bank account

› Study Grant (loan, grand and public transport pass) if you are:
- living in the Netherlands (not necessarily Dutch)
- under 30 years old
- enrolled for a full-time or (Dual HBO) course at a recognised institute

Deducting study costs in your Dutch tax return

Did you know that many work-related study courses and materials are tax deductible? Learn about the possible tax benefits of declaring your study costs.

More scholarships to attract foreign students

The Ministry of Education is launching 1.000 scholarships per year for foreign students to study in the Netherlands and Dutch students to study abroad.

Dutch university association calls for more scholarships for international students

The Dutch university association is asking the government for more international scholarships, arguing the Netherlands needs more foreign students.

Dutch government allowing higher fees for honour programmes

The government is allowing some universities to experiment with charging higher fees for honours programmes.

Education in the Netherlands: Tuition & Other countries

Education in the Netherlands- Part 3: Tuition, Studiefinanciering for non-Dutch nationals & Studying in other countries.

Tuition fees increase for those slow to finish studies

Students paying statutory tuition fees who take more than one extra year to finish their programme will see their fees increase from 2012-2013 onwards.

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