How do recruitment agencies in the Netherlands work

It is quite common for Dutch companies to work closely with recruitment agencies. In fact, nearly all firms in the Netherlands cooperate with certain recruitment agencies responsible for the first screening before candidates have interviews with company representatives.

Hints & Tips on recruitment agencies in the Netherlands

Recruitment agencies in the Netherlands are paid by employers so their service is offered to you for free. Apparently, you and the recruiter have mutual interests.

Good references obtained by a renowned recruiter are almost as good as relevant work experience and / or higher education diplomas.

Try to be honest, enthusiastic, ambitious. Show that you have straightforward goals and determination.

Most recruitment agencies have offices in various locations. Interviews may take place anywhere (even at a restaurant or cafeteria) as long as it is convenient for both you and the recruiter.

Calling a recruiter a couple of days after submitting your application is highly appreciated and reveals one's motivation for the position and enthusiasm for the company.

Any vacancy may be assigned to many recruiters. You do not want to apply twice for the same position.

Working in the Netherlands: non-compete clauses

Do employees in the Netherlands need to take non-compete or relations clauses seriously? Here's how it works from a legal perspective.




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