The Hague's Strandbeest features in the Simpsons

22 December 2016, by

The Hague's giant Strandbeest (Beach Beast) by artist Theo Jansen was recently featured in an episode of the Simpsons in America. Though we have to wait for it to make it across the Atlantic, a snippet of it can be seen on YouTube. 

The Simpsons family questions the structure at a Christmas market, with Homer asking if it's science or garbage. Theo Jansen, who does his own voice, reacts saying it's "Dutch art", after which the structure comes alive. 

Strandbeesten are made from PVC pipes which move with the wind. Jansen is still puzzled about how The Simpsons came to discover his work. He reckons it may have been when he was touring America last year. 

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